Wire, Tube, and Metallurgy Exhibition In Moscow

2024-06-04 17:41:39

From June 4 to 6, 2024, the Wire, Tube, and Metallurgy Exhibition was held in Moscow. HENGMING METAL brought a variety of products to the exhibition as scheduled. We not only showed our best-selling products, oil tempered spring steel wire, and galvanized steel wire/strand, but also our new product, aluminum clad steel wire/strand. Aluminum-clad steel wire is more durable than other options in corrosive environments, especially in atmospheres known to be corrosive in industrial or atmospheric conditions. Its strength and conductivity remain unchanged, thereby significantly reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

During the three-day exhibition, HENGMING METAL’s booth attracted many exhibitors to stop and communicate. By displaying excellent products and explaining the company’s technical processes, it won a lot of praise and gained a lot.

An exhibition is a collision of ideas. HENGMING METAL is happy to share and communicate to understand the changes and needs of the market, because what we pursue is not winning, but win-win.

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