Turkish Customer Group Visited Our Company To Discuss A New Chapter Of Cooperation

2024-06-28 18:08:44

On June 28, 2024, a delegation of distinguished customers from Turkey visited our company. Our senior leaders and department heads warmly welcomed the guests from afar. Mr. Huang, the general manager of the company, expressed a warm welcome to the Turkish customers and briefly introduced the company’s development history, technological advantages, and leading position in the field of oil-quenched spring steel wire. He emphasized: “We are always committed to technological innovation and quality excellence. We look forward to further understanding the needs of the Turkish market through this exchange and jointly exploring new opportunities for cooperation.”

Afterward, the Turkish customer delegation visited our production line. Oil-quenched spring steel wire is widely used in automobiles, machinery, electronics, and other fields for its excellent toughness, fatigue resistance, and high stability, and is well received by domestic and foreign customers. Customers highly praised the control of the production line process, product quality control, on-site management process, and environmental protection measures.

During the visit, our technical staff also gave a detailed introduction to the technical characteristics, production process, and latest research and development results of the products, and had in-depth exchanges with Turkish customers on technical details, market applications, etc. Customers highly recognized our professional ability and innovative ability in the field of oil-quenched spring steel wire and were full of confidence in the market prospects of the products.

In the afternoon, the two sides moved to the conference room and conducted detailed discussions on cooperation. At the meeting, the two sides had an in-depth discussion on the supply of oil-quenched steel wire, technical support, after-sales service, etc., and reached a preliminary consensus on the specific model and direction of future cooperation. The Turkish customer representative said: “Through today’s visit and communication, we deeply felt the strength and sincerity of HENGMING METAL, and we are full of expectations for future cooperation between the two sides.”

The visit of Turkish customers not only demonstrated our company’s strong strength in the field of oil-quenched spring steel wire but also built a valuable communication platform for both parties, laying a solid foundation for subsequent in-depth cooperation. Our company will take this as an opportunity to continue to uphold the principle of “quality first, customer first”, continuously improve product quality and service level, and provide global customers with better products and services.

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