The Application of Oil Tempered Spring Steel Wire

2020-11-12 11:12:18

HengMing Metal supply oil tempered spring steel wire in 3 different qualities, that are specified by our customers depending on their application. 


FD quality is usually used in static spring applications such as suspension springs.

TD quality is used in moderate fatigue stress environments. 

VD quality is chosen for high fatigue stress applications such as valve springs. 

We can offer on request, as well as Eddy Current Testing.

Gongyi City Hengming Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Oil tempered wires is a technically demanding product, We produced to each individual customer’s specification. Oil tempered wires can be supplied in round or custom profiles on request.

Oil tempered spring steel wire
Product Diameter Tensile Range Grade
Oil tempered spring steel wire 0.5–18mm To Customer Specification





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