Our New Eddy Current Test Machine is Working for all the Products

2020-01-02 11:12:36

The new advanced eddy current test manchine is working for all of the products.

To provide high quality products to all the customers of us, we have pay high attention to the test manchines, and we have all the test machines on the steel wire, and the new eddy current test machine is the most important one to control the quality.

HengMing Metal Products Co.,Ltd is the one factory to provide our customers high quality but competitive price to help the customers open more market.

Our feature products: Oil tempered spring steel wire,Brass coated steel wire,Galvanized steel wire and steel strand,galvanized iron wire and PC trand. Welcome to visit our factory to find your new chance to get the market.

New eddy current test machine of hengming metal products co.,Ltd

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