Hot Summer Employee Benefits

2023-07-18 11:15:08

The hot summer is coming as scheduled, and the heat wave hits the face, which has brought great challenges to the front-line employees to carry out their work. In order to thank the front-line employees for their hard work in hot weather, the company will issue special benefits.

Gongyi City Hengming Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

These summer benefits bring a bit of comfort and coolness to the scorching summer, bring confidence and enthusiasm to every employee, and demonstrate the humanistic feelings of the Hengming family!

Gongyi City Hengming Metal Products Co.,Ltd.Gongyi City Hengming Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Caring for employees, starting from a little bit, a seemingly simple summer cooling gift package not only reflects the company’s humanistic care for employees, but also reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of “creating great achievements and building a harmonious home” proposed by the chairman. We always insist on implementing the care and love for employees.

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