Hengming Metal Wishes All Female Friends A Happy Women’s Day

2024-03-08 16:39:48

As the annual Women’s Day approaches, Hengming Metal wishes all female compatriots a happy holiday and eternal youth.
The company prepared flowers and milk tea for every female employee. The chairman of the company also expressed his blessings to the female employees. They are strong and confident, love life, stand on their jobs, support half of their careers and families, and are the charm of the new era. female.

The company also planned an interesting and lively event. Everyone actively participated and had a very happy and unforgettable festival.

The female employees of Hengming are as heroic as men, rooted in their posts, working silently, shining in their work, and interpreting the responsibilities of women in the new era with their struggle! Use the spirit of craftsmanship to help Hengming develop and give them a thumbs up!

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