2021 HengMing New Year’s party

2021-01-04 11:12:12

At the evening of January 1, HengMing Metal stuffs gathered together with joyous music. The HengMing 2021 New Year’s Party  kicked off with the theme of “Coming together to fight the Covid, high-quality development and brilliant development”.

At the party site, the show was colorful, with a lively atmosphere, full of youthful vitality, passionate singing, hot dancing, funny sketches and other various programs were staged in turn.

HengMing metal spring wire

Looking back on 2020, our company closely focuses on the strategy of high-quality development. The R&D center and the sales department have worked closely to continuously develop special-shaped steel wires, high-strength oil tempered spring wires, galvanized steel wires and galvanized iron wires. The annual sales volume has reached more than 10,000 tons. A solid step has been taken in high-quality development.

HengMing spring wire

Starting in 2021, we will give back to customers with better products and services and create new achievements!

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